Paulus the Great (70 x 100 cm)


This painting was made by (outsider art) artist Paulus de Groot. Paulus de Groot often paints his own inner world. The experiences of this artist are reflected in color and shape. Technique: acrylic on paper

Artist: Paulus de Groot







Outsider art artist Paulus de Groot made this painting. This artist works a lot with color and shapes and that is evident in his beautiful canvases and works.

Paulus de Groot is an outsider (art brut) artist and often paints his own inner world and experiences. Paulus has been painting since childhood and grew up in his father’s studio. This painting has not been given a name. Technique: acrylic on paper.

Outsider Art (art brut) is about intuitive art, authenticity and purity; art made by artists who have not received any training, are sometimes outside society and who have developed their own form language.

Very special because they create from the heart and mind, uninhibited, obsessive or with humor. Works of art by many Outsider artists are now all over the world. Chez Freddy also has many drawings and graphics from other outsider artists




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Dimensions70 × 100 cm

Paulus de Groot


Acrylic on paper