Nice in your bedroom but also in your living room or kitchen.


Grandfather clock by Serax, designed by Papier à êtres. This white copy is made of paper maché and stands on narrow legs.


What a beautiful paper marche clock. Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet are the French designer duo behind Papier à êtres. Together they explore the boundaries of paper. Their designs start with a sketch that goes back and forth a few times until they are satisfied. Frédéric is a master at playing with light effects, while Sophie models her favorite material into very refined, artistic details. Papier à êtres elevates the right to exist of paper as a material to an absolute honor.

A battery must be installed in the clock.



Additional information

Dimensions 27 × 32 cm

27 cm




Paper à êtres


Papier mache

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