Klok van keramiek



Deze werkende handgemaakte klok van keramiek is gemaakt door keramiek kunstenaar Sunwoo Jung.

Vandaag de dag verdwijnt de analoge klok door alle moderne gadgets. Sunwoo geeft de tijd weer de juiste aandacht.Formaat:117 x 63 x 148 (mm)

All works are fully handbuilt which means the color and size may vary slightly.


The Analog clock is one of the objects that is disappearing in accelerated modern society with the appearance of various gadgets. By making ceramic analog clocks, Sunwoo focuses on things that are being passed and vanishing. She proposes to catch our breath by observing the time flowing in the fast currents of our time.

*Arms are made of specially colored resin, and thick papers.
*Powered by AA battery / Equipped with a silent mechanism

Als de klok niet op voorraad is dan duurt het gem. 4-5 weken voordat deze is vervaardigt


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