Putter (Carduelis carduelis) 80 x 8 x 60 cm


This 3d work by Wilco Kwerreveld is a wall sculpture made of wood, textile and stain


The 3D artwork is a wall sculpture by artist Wilco Kwerreveld made of wood, textile and lime.

Wilco Kwerreveld is a visual artist and designer, he studied at the AKI Art Academy in Enschede.

His sculptures (which nowadays stick to the wall, the so-called ‘timbered drawings‘) have both a pure and a poetic design. Refinedly designed observations that can be captured in one moment.

Born in the green surroundings of the Achterhoek, he has been interested in birds from early childhood. Since he was 7 years old he regularly goes into the woods. Bird watching, observing and taking notes, it is the source of his current work.

Wilco is not someone who ticks off lists or visits nature reserves in groups and en masse to spot a rare or special specimen there. Wilco seeks moments of Being in a natural environment with which he feels connected. He prefers to sit and observe for a few hours, carefully study and experience the behavior of animals and then work with the knowledge gained in his studio.

The ‘timbered drawings’ are flat spatial works, which are attached to the wall. Observations of animals, human trees are used as a reason to express wood, often bent, in various materials. Movement, stillness, color and material form a composition that strikes the viewer. As in a frozen moment, a sublimated glance, we get insight into Wilco’s analyzes.

Wilco Kwerreveld works in Winterswijk and in Rotterdam.



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